Over the years past few years, I’ve noticed that flower trends in India have been constantly evolving. This is due to the fact that our patrons are now part of a global village who are well-travelled, well-read and up-to-date about all things fashion.. be it clothes, food, decor or architecture. The discerning Indian no more believes in going for the ‘usual’ but is constantly in search of one-of-a-kind experience. This knowledge combined with yearn has impacted their choices in floral decor as well! They no more merely believe is using jasmine, marigold or orchids as decor for festivals or weddings.

As a well-travelled floral and aesthetics designer, I give you an insight about the flower trends, flower types & varieties, flower colours, floral designs, styles and arrangements for the year 2013 -14.

My first forecast for the upcoming season is an elegant yet dramatic look. We are looking at a very Edwardian style with soft, muted colours like olive green, pale blue/mint or peach blush silhouettes accessorised with sparkling crystals. Flowers like hydrangeas, roses and eustomas with a mix of cold climate greens like gypsophilla and ribbon grass, truly make this trend; a treat for the eyes. Delicate bridal bouquets with skilfully done pearl detailing are very in this season. Flower girls with dainty white floral tiaras and boys with white orchid corsages complete the look for this trend.

Another trend that would be big this season is definitely Baroque. Passionate colours like deep raspberry and debauched purples come into play. This trend is big on foliage and dramatic use of flowers like big heliconias, red lillies, vanda orchids and monstera leaves. The locale itself plays a very important role where a larger than life theatrical setting can be created. Antique heirloom pieces like 100 year old doors or temple bells, strategically strewn would create the perfect decadent look. Elaborate centrepieces like the three-tiered candelabras would add to the opulence of the occasion and complete the look.

The above sounds too luxurious and daunting? Looking for something wild but within a budget? Then, I suggest you go for the fun trend of this season. This trend is all about imagination! If it’s a festivity on a bright sunny day, then play with yellow & tangerine hues with chrysanthemums as the choice of flowers. Matching ribbons and drapes flowing from the canopies would add that extra ‘zest’ to the decor. Speckled ivy leaves with wine bottles work beautifully as table centrepieces! Add wooden barrels, wild flowers and strewn hay for that country look gaiety. Add lots of candles and lit lanterns hanging from branches to give an ethereal look at the night time. Uniformity is passé! Create an unique setting on each table… customise and personalise each table to suit hosts’ preferences… maybe their favourite flowers in homemade vases, oranges and grapes in a fruit bowl for them to munch on while the ceremony in on or even hand painted candles. This will not only save your the worry of spending on matching accessories but will also show the effort and thought that been put by your designer to make the day so much more special for you.

Meghaa, floral designer and owner of Flower Box talks about her passion – flowers. You can follow her experiences as a student of Ikebana turned a florist to reckon with, to her travails of spiritual realisation through flowers on www.flowerbox.in or mail your feedback on theflowerbox@gmail.com