Picking a gift for Dad is never easy. He is the one who got you all the chocolates, he bought you your first bicycle, he took you on vacations, the heck, he showered on you everything you ever wanted! And that's because you are the apple of his eye!
And Dad, of course, means the world to you. And on Father's day, you definitely would want to let daddy know that he is the best by gifting him something meaningful

That brings us to flowers. Will dad like flowers? We often wonder. Mom loves them. But aren't flowers too pretty for dad? Well, dad loves pretty mommy. So why will he not like pretty blooms? Without doubt, he will!

Flowers often are a target of gender discrimination. But the truth is that men do enjoy beautiful fresh flowers that are given to them as gifts because flowers after all express love. Moreover, they have a wonderful soothingly effect, and dad sure would like that, wouldn't he? Flowers also have a positive effect on ones mood. And hey, daddy in a good mood, at home or at work, is the best version of dad, right?

So this Father's day, send your dad some beautiful flowers. Oh, we can customize it too, with a bottle of wine or chocolates. Shop online for the best Father's day flowers in Bangalore from www.flowerbox.in