Order Friendship Day Flowers

28 Jul 2021

This friendship day, we at Flower Box- the store with the best flower delivery in Bangalore, can’t help but compare friends to flowers. Friends, just like flowers, can make you happy. Friends bring in positivity, the same way that fresh flowers do and our buddies, very much like floral buds, add cheer to our lives. So what are you waiting for, order the best floral hampers with chocolate, floral hampers with wine from Flowerbox. We also provide cake & bouquet, flowers and chocolate delivery in Bangalore.

Floral Hampers in Bangalore

22 Jul 2021

Floral gift hampers designed at FlowerBox are unique and lavish and Meghaa and team really enjoy creating special floral hampers. Meghaa adds, “Floral gift hampers made with delectable fare are perfect and double the fun! Imagine how special your loved ones will feel because you went that extra mile!”

Send Father's Day Flowers

16 Jun 2021

Are you in over your head wondering how to make Father’s Day special for your dad? Afterall your dad is your hero - the most amazing man you’ve ever known! He held your hand, helped you keep your chin up and he still has your back, so at FlowerBox, a boutique that has been offering luxury flower delivery in Bangalore for nearly two decades, we understand how eager you are about making this Father’s Day exceptional for him. Go ahead, do what you can to make his day special. But hey, whatever you do - don’t forget the flowers!

Get Your Weekly Flower Subscription

09 Jun 2021

In fraught situations like the current pandemic everyone is constantly looking for ways to feel better. One needs healing, one needs joy, one needs love, one needs to de-stress. There are several ways to deal with these needs but the one that we at FlowerBox recommend is an all-in-one solution. We suggest fresh flowers. We say, have them around all the time! And the best way to ensure an uninterrupted flow of beautiful energies through fresh blooms is to sign up for a floral subscription with your favourite floral decoration store that gives you the option of online flower delivery in Bangalore.

Order Flowers for Happy Hormones

02 Jun 2021

Our world was once abound in picnics with family and parties with friends. We kissed loved ones and did not even think twice about hugging strangers. These little moments and gestures instantly lifted our mood and made us happy. Do you know why? Because moments like stepping out in the sun, spending time with dear ones, laughing with friends, a tight hug and a loving touch actually produce happy hormones in the body.

Cheer up your loved one with Flowerbox

23 Apr 2021

Cheering someone up is not as easy as it seems. You want to show that you are there for them by sending something that truly matters. It is hard to take on that responsibility and how, that is the main question. From ancient times, flowers have played a significant role in cheering up people. The bright colours, fragrance and freshness give instant happiness and cheer that is sure to make the receiver happy.

Flowers based on your Zodiac Sign

21 Apr 2021

We at Flower Box, take pride in providing Luxury Flower Delivery in Bangalore, in addition to Online Flower Delivery in India. Our exquisite designs curated with a wide variety of flora and fauna are made exclusively to brighten your day and homes!

Celebrate Holi - Order Colorful Flowers Online

28 Mar 2021

The festival of color, Holi, announces the arrival of spring. Colors dominate spring season and nature shows off her beauty by displaying blooms in every shade and hue! There are flowers in pink, red, purple, yellow, orange and blue, all peeking out from lush green bushes and tree tops.

Order Spring Flowers Online

22 Mar 2021

Order flowers Online From FlowerBox

16 Mar 2021

For online flower bouquet online delivery, flowers with cake, flowers with wine or any floral customization that can please the ones you love log on to www.flowerbox.in. You can also order our signature floral arrangements in vases for your home or office. Your favourite premium flower shop nearby, FlowerBox, is keeping up with times and therefore our skilled team will ensure that the arrangements are fresh and timely delivery is our promise.

International Women's Day, Order Flowers Online

06 Mar 2021

International Women's day is just around the bend and yet again it's time to celebrate all the women in your life - your mother, your ladylove, your sister, daughter, friend, colleague, boss! It's time once again to convey your appreciation and what better way to do it than to do it with beautiful fresh flowers. But well, hard pressed that you are with your year end targets, we are glad that you don't have to risk plucking a rose from the beast's garden for your beauty or evenInternational Women's Day, Order Flowers Online scamper to a flower store nearby.

Valentine's Day Flowers

10 Feb 2021

Hand Tied floral arrangements - You can try a gorgeous bunch of oriental lilies, statice and eucalyptus to brighten up your loved ones day or an awe inspiring bunch of vibrant hydrangeas with chrysanthemums, static and eucalyptus... definitely pleasing to the senses! An enchanting floral arrangement of dreamy red roses can never go wrong.

Beautiful Flowers for your Dad, your Hero !

12 Jun 2019

Picking a gift for Dad is never easy. He is the one who got you all the chocolates, he bought you your first bicycle, he took you on vacations, the heck, he showered on you everything you ever wanted! And that's because you are the apple of his eye!

Celebrate Mother's day. Celebrate Mom!

06 May 2019

Everyday belongs to mom. Who are we without her? She is our cushion and she is our rock. And as we find our path in this wild world, we know mom's love will always guide us.

Colors of Spring

20 Mar 2019

Welcome Colours of spring with colourful Floral Decor! Look around you. Golden sun rays reflecting off your window, fresh green leaves sprouting out bashfully from tiny twigs, psychedelic butterflies dancing around pretty pretty flowers.

Christmas 2017

20 Dec 2017

Its that time of the year again, when there is happiness and a spring in each step , cheer and hopefulness of new beginnings in the coming year!

Floral Trends for 2017

13 Dec 2016

The coming year is the year of wild arrangements, rich in colour and texture, in which all the materials used, harmoniously blend with each other to form a unanimous whole.

Cooking With Flowers

04 Apr 2016

Monsoons are finally here and gardens all over the country are blooming. Not only are they lovely to look at, but some flowers are edible, adding a fresh, new dimension to your dishes.

Passionate Colours Dominate Floral Trends for 2013 - 14

04 Apr 2016

Over the years past few years, I've noticed that flower trends in India have been constantly evolving. This is due to the fact that our patrons are now part of a global village who are well-travelled, well-read and up-to-date about all things fashion.. be it clothes, food, decor or architecture.

The Perfect Valentine Bouquet

04 Apr 2016

There's a lot of ways you can share your feelings as Valentine's Day approaches, but few more traditional or beautiful than a bouquet of flowers. Fresh flowers have always been seen as an embodiment of beauty and is regarded as an expression of the wishes that reside in the heart of the giver.